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How to check if your iPhone and TV are connected to the same network

If MirrorMeister can’t detect your TV, in most cases, it is because the devices are not on the same network.

It is the most crucial step to guarantee screen mirroring

Step 1

Go to > Settings and check your iPhone or iPad’s Wi-Fi connection

Step 2

Connect your TV to the same network (Wi-Fi or cable). To check the connection status go to Settings > Network (consult your TV manual for the details).

*If you are using Wi-Fi connection, make sure to connect to the network that has the same name as displayed in your iOS device.

*When using an Ethernet cable (wired connection), make sure both devices (TV and iOS) are connected to the same router.

Mirror your iPhone to Samsung TV with MirrorMeister App

Step 3

Open the MirrorMeister app and start mirroring to your TV!

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