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How to reboot the router to improve network performance

Screen Mirroring from your iPhone or iPad to your Smart TV is quite a heavy job for your home network. Try the following steps to improve your mirroring experience.

Step 1:

Find the power connector

It’s on the back of the router

Step 2

Unplug it and wait about 15 seconds for the router to reboot

We recommend rebooting your router once a week. Why? Because routers are like little computers, with software. The software will have small memory leaks, and some processes will stop working accurately over time; this will not only improves your mirroring experience but also performing other tasks.

Step 3

Restart your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Click the link below to check how to restart different iPhone models: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201559

To restart your Mac, choose Apple menu  > Restart.

Now run MirrorMeister again, you will feel the difference!