MirrorMeister Connect Your Mac to Your TV Wirelessly

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Mirror your screen

MirrorMeister turns your MacBook into Airplay or Miracast receivers. It is an all-in-one mirroring app.

Stream movies and apps

Stream your favourite movies, shows, presentations and apps on big TV screen.

Wireless Connection

Cast your Mac wirelessly to your TV. You won’t need adapters or extra cables.

Cast to Multiple Receivers

MirrorMeister supports all popular Smart TVs brands and Streamers. If we don’t support yours — money back.


Easy set up with TV

I’m taking several zoom classes, it’s so much easier to watch on TV. Very easy to set up between iPhone and TV.

How isn’t this app popular?????

Install, detect, mirror your iPhone.
I’m using an iPhone XR on a 2017 Samsung Tv Series 6.


Busque entre muchas y ninguna funcionaban en mi smart Philips y mi ios y esta me resultó perfecta para duplicar mi pantalla del celu. Muchas gracias 10/10

Works like a charm

Quick, easy and painless. A couple of steps after I could mirror my screen without any difficulties. Apart from the expected small delay, the image was good and I could work on my Mac while the TV was mirroring a video through a browser.

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