screen mirroring ipad to tv

Screen mirroring is a technology that allows your phone, tablet, or computer screen to wirelessly display on another device’s screen. This technology is used during family and friends gatherings, business meetings, school lessons to easily display relevant content from the small screens of our mobile devices to others in the room.

Today we will go over what screen mirroring is and how to use it.

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How Does Screen Mirroring Work

Screen mirroring requires that a screen-sending device – your phone, for example- and a screen-receiving device (a Smart TV) are connected. To connect these two devices, you need a connector, and there are several ways to do so.

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These screen-sending devices use a screen mirroring protocol that copies either your full desktop screen or a single window that you want to share, such as a document, app, or browser. These connections are set up in many ways depending on the devices that are trying to connect. Some are equipped with native screen mirroring technology (such as AirPlay and Google Cast). Others, like Windows devices, are built-in with Miracast while iOS devices use Airplay.

All these connectors use different protocols targeting their own technology. This fact is one of the disadvantages of relying on native technology as we use multiple devices from different brands. MirrorMeister, on the other hand, has cross-platform compatibility: our application allows iOS and macOS devices to screen mirror to most TV brands and streaming devices in the market.

How to Beam Your Apple Devices

The easiest and trouble-free way to start beaming your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook to any Smart TV is using an app like MirrorMeister.

MirrorMeister Start screen mirroring your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to any Smart TV
With MirrorMeister, you can cast apps, photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad and Macbook.
  1. First, download MirrorMeister on App Store.
  2. Open the app. MirrorMeister automatically searches for your TV or streaming device, like Roku. Make sure your TV and Apple device are connected to the same wireless network.
  3. Tap Start Mirroring, followed by Start Broadcasting. And that’s it. You are all set to start casting your videos, photos, and other apps on TV.

Who Uses Screen Mirroring Technology

Screen mirroring technology can be used in homes, school classes, and businesses.

Screen Mirroring For Businesses

Now and then, professionals need to share a presentation, Powerpoint slides, reports, or start a brainstorm with their coworkers. To instigate collaboration, the best way to do so is to present content on a big screen during meetings.
Companies usually deploy devices of multiple brands, making screen mirroring for macOS with cross-platform functionalities, like MirrorMeister, is a great solution.

Screen Casting Technology for Education

Screen mirroring technology is used in schools and high education to display content for a class, students’ works, and promote collaboration. As businesses, schools use a wide range of device types are frequently.
So, an app compatible with different TV brands and streaming devices is ideal for educational settings.

Beaming Technology For Home Leisure

If you are looking for a screen mirroring app for your home entertainment, you can stream movies, videos, photos, music, and more from your Apple devices to TVs and streaming devices (Roku and Mi Box).

Screen Mirroring with One App on All Devices

The methods of mirroring our smalls screens changed over recent years, from cables to wireless beaming. Wireless scream mirroring technology offers one of the easiest, efficient, and most reliable ways in the market, without mentioning that this is in constant evolution.

Say goodbye to cables and extra hardware. Download and try MirrorMeister screen mirroring app for free now.